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New Jersey Law Firm Group Roundtable Discussions

Each year the New Jersey Law Firm Group sponsors roundtable discussions at Seton Hall University School of Law and the Rutgers Law School (both Newark and Camden). Members of the Group send partners, recruitment coordinators and representatives of public agencies to the law schools to discuss employment opportunities and the recruitment process. These discussions also provide law students with tips on preparing a resume and conducting an effective interview. A frank but cordial exchange with the students helps to unravel the complexities of the recruitment process, explain what potential employers are looking for and how candidates can best present their experiences and achievements. Difficult questions about the hiring process are asked and answered in the face-to-face exchange.

These discussions are also designed to provide students with a practical perspective on the practice of law and the many options a law student will encounter on completion of their law school tenure. The roundtable program is represented by a wide variety of employers, including small and large firms, government employers and agencies, public sector employers and the judiciary. The program provides insight into potential career choices as well as specific information relating to obtaining future employment in each of the individual fields. Past roundtable discussions have been extremely successful and have been well attended at the New Jersey Law Schools. For dates and times when the Roundtable Discussion may be held, please see our Events page on this website. Students may also contact their law school’s Career Services Office. Attorneys interested in participating in the program should use the “Contact Us” link.

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