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New Jersey Law Firm Group Mentor Program

The New Jersey Law Firm Group’s Mentor Program is designed to match interested, diverse* law students attending one of New Jersey's three law schools with attorney-mentors from some of the top New Jersey law firms and legal departments/organizations. Mentors serve as a resource for the law student while they complete law school, navigate the recruitment process, and search for career options and opportunities. The Mentor Program is not designed to guarantee a summer job or even an interview with the Mentor’s employer; rather, the Program will provide the students with a contact within the New Jersey legal community and give the students insight into the practical aspects of the legal profession. The success of the program therefore depends on the student and attorney’s willingness to devote the time and energy to making the program work.

The Mentor’s role will include: reviewing and critiquing the student’s resume and cover letter, helping the student select an appropriate writing sample, discussing interview skills, and advising the student of career options and job strategies. The student’s role is to communicate with his or her mentor and to be available and prepared for meetings. Above all, cooperation, enthusiasm and professional conduct are pivotal to the success of the program.

The program begins with a Kick-Off Reception which gives the Mentors and Mentees the opportunity to meet for the first time. To be eligible to participate in this program a law student need only complete and return the application form and have a genuine interest in the future practice of law in New Jersey. This program has been a cornerstone of the New Jersey Law Firm Group’s mission and has been extremely rewarding to both Mentors and Mentees.

Law students may download the registration form by clicking here.

Attorneys interested in becoming a Mentor may download the registration form by clicking here.

* The New Jersey Law Firm Group is committed to helping achieve diversity within the New Jersey bar. The NJLFG encourages law students who are from diverse racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, cultural and geographic backgrounds and sexual orientations, as well as any other law students who believe that they can contribute to diversity in law firms and/or legal departments/organizations, to participate in its activities. The NJLFG believes that such diversity strengthens the bar, enabling it to better serve clients and enhancing its legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

Committed to Promoting Inclusiveness and Diversity in the New Jersey Bar

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