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New Jersey Law Firm Group Mission Statement

Founded in 1990, the New Jersey Law Firm Group (“NJLFG”) is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation comprised of New Jersey law firms, law schools, corporate legal departments, government agencies and public interest organizations that recognize the importance and advantages of diversity in serving the needs of clients and enhancing the legitimacy and public image of the legal profession.

The NJLFG is committed to its mission of increasing the diversity of the New Jersey bar and assisting its members with their individual diversity initiatives. The group is also committed to the mission of promoting the practice of law in New Jersey to a diverse group of law students and lawyers. These combined missions are accomplished by encouraging diverse law students of different sexual orientations and different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, cultural and geographic backgrounds to practice law in New Jersey. The NJLFG strives to be an informational resource for diverse law students so that they do not place artificial limitations on their professional opportunities based on the misperception that they are not wanted, will not be given an opportunity to succeed or will not find a welcoming environment among New Jersey’s legal employers.

The NJLFG therefore encourages both New Jersey legal employers and diverse law students who are interested in practicing law in New Jersey to become involved in the group and participate in its activities. The cornerstone activities of the NJLFG include law school roundtable discussions, a mentor program that matches diverse law students with practicing New Jersey lawyers, an annual job fair and a public interest fellowship. The NJLFG also organizes and supports many other programs throughout the year, including the Hispanic Bar Association’s Annual Diverse Summer Associate Mixer.

New Jersey Law Firm Group Meeting Minutes

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Committed to Promoting Inclusiveness and Diversity in the New Jersey Bar

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